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Over $170 Billion of the of the $3.7 Trillion
U.S.healthcare market is waste due to

inaccurate claims

The top two compliance risks hospitals
face are

Billing Accuracy
Payer Mix / Reimbursements

hospitals fail to capture
$22 million annually
in net patient revenue *

*Advisory Board Company

Revenue Integrity Analytics

Fast, accurate,
and meaningful insight

closes the gap in lost charges,
and prevents compliance issues.

Revenue Integrity Analytics

With advanced analytics, Certive Health screens accounts for missing charges by comparing the patient bill to the medical record. This ensures capture of all missing charges, DRG errors, and coding errors. The solution can also be part of a comprehensive internal compliance program.

Managed Care Underpayments

With over 100 combined years' experience auditing managed care accounts, our underpayment technology will identify and recover the maximum amount of underpayments as our sophisticated audit engine and electronic resubmission tools assist in validating appealing complicated case rate underpayments or large volumes of smaller underpaid claims.

Public Health Solutions

VSMG Dashboard Performance Management System is a cloud-based, real-time, performance management system designed specifically to assist public health departments in performance management of the Strategic and Operational Planning process.


Professional Services

  • Business Process Management Services
    From strategy to deployment, Certive’s team of professionals employ best practices to ensure its customers will get the best results and return on investment.
  • Training
    Certive offers online or on premise training programs for users to accelerate implementation and achievement of results.