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The healthcare
is changing,

driving the need for improvements in the
business processes that enable delivery
of care and management of revenue.

Certive Provides

Cloud business
process management
software solutions

to the healthcare market.


Streamlines healthservice business processes

Certive Healthcare Solutions:

Cloud business process management software solutions that provide a collaborative environment for workflow, document management, and analytics tailored to healthcare business processes.

Certive Healthcare Revenue Lifecycle Solutions:

Hospital solution for denied claims recovery.

Certive SmartServiceTM Healthcare Hub:

Unification cloud for healthcare apps – Coming Early 2014

Latest Projects

  • Denial Management
    Denial Management


  • Emergency Response Management
    Emergency Response Management


  • Care Decision Making and Credentialing
    Care Decision Making and Credentialing


  • Vaccine Supply Chain Management
    Vaccine Supply Chain Management


Professional Services

  • Professional Business Process Management Services
    From strategy to deployment, Certive’s team of professionals employ best practices to ensure its customers will get the best results and return on investment.
  • Training
    Certive offers online or on premise training programs for users to accelerate implementation and achievement of results.
  • Customer Support
    Responsive technical support to our customers is a cornerstone of customer satisfaction. Contact technical support at support@certive.com or by calling 480.922.5327 Monday through Friday 8AM to 5PM MST.
  • Certive Partner Program
    Certive’s partnerships for technology solutions, geographic or industry domain relationships are key to delivering value in our targeted markets. Please contact Certive at info@certive.com or call 480.922.5327 Monday through Friday 8AM to 5PM MST.